5 Common mistakes to avoid when planning your wedding

July 6, 2020

Avoid any disappointment with our top tips below

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Your wedding day is supposed to be the most special, beautiful, and magical day of your life, and that’s why you would want to give it a perfect plan.

But the truth is, there would always be some things that are just beyond your control on your big day. No matter how much you plan or prepare, some mistakes will always crop up on your wedding day.

While you can’t control everything, here are a few common mistakes that you can easily avoid up-front.

Still Organizing and Planning On Your Wedding Day

This has always been a common mistake committed by most couples. Your wedding is not sudden. After all, you’ve been planning and preparing for it for many months. Then why should you still be organizing and planning on your big day? It will only make you look disoriented and unfocused. 

Your wedding day is the time for you to stop all organizing and planning and enjoy yourself. If there is any pertinent task, let someone you trust – a friend or relative – handle the task for you. Better still, hire a wedding planner or coordinator to help you.

Plan ahead, stress less


One reason why couples still find themselves organizing and planning on their wedding day is procrastination, another common mistake that you must avoid. Don’t always wait until the last minute before you finalize details for the wedding. Instead, finalize plans as soon as possible.

Hiring a Friend Instead of a Pro

Your wedding is not something to gamble with. While your friend from college may be an extrovert or outspoken person, that doesn’t make him a good MC. Being amazing at playlists doesn’t make him a great wedding DJ, and being an expert Instagrammer doesn’t make her a good photographer. 

Don’t hire a friend when what you need is a Pro. Even if you’re on a tight budget, I recommend that you hire a pro with experience. Remember, it’s more fun having your friends enjoy your wedding party with you.

Spending Your Fashion Budget on Just the Dress

Avoid the mistake of expending your entire fashion budget on just the dress as your fashion budget is not meant for the dress alone. Remember that you may need to make alterations where necessary too. More so, don’t forget to consider jewelry, hair accessories, veil, shoes, undergarments, etc. all these go under your fashion budget too.

Don’t forget the wedding Videographer

Having an awesome wedding photographer is a must for couples, but they’re limited. With wedding videography, you would be able to capture the speeches, the vows, and love from your wedding day.

You would also be able to watch your friends show their dancing skills on the dance floor and all the other bits you might have missed. In short, a wedding video creates the best and lasting memories and is actually one of the biggest regrets from birdes.


With the five common mistakes to avoid above, you’re all set to eliminate all worries and enjoy a lovely and worry-free wedding day.