Are you planning your dreamed wedding? You picked the date. Do you have a beautiful Gold Coast venue or at a stunning beach in Byron Bay, perhaps a hinterland farm? Maybe you think you have it all covered, but I have some tips for you from brides that have been there and done that. There is never too much information to prepare you for such an important date.

1. Enjoy the planning and focus on the bigger picture. 

As a bride is so easy to get caught in the little things, you want it all to be as you envisioned it, and sometimes that turns you into a person you did not even know existed. You find yourself arguing with your vendor because the napkins are white instead of ivory. And do not get me wrong, I understand the importance of this moment, but consuming too much of your time and energy is not worth it. You will remember the great times spent with your loved ones, not the color of the linens. Enjoy the process, and if something goes wrong, find a practical solution, and move forward. 

2. Rehearse. 

Yes, your wedding will only happen once. If you want it to go smoothly, I recommend you have a rehearsal with the wedding party, especially if you have a religious ceremony.

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It is ideal for everyone to attend the place the ceremony will be celebrated. They will be familiar with the area and know how to get on time, where to park, and so on. Let them know where they need to be and when they are participating. Rehearsals are also a great way to break the ice. 

3. Eat.

I know it sounds obvious, but the morning of your wedding will be chaotic. From the minute you wake up, there is somewhere to go and something to do. Make sure you have a nutritious breakfast or lunch, something light that provides energy. You can also delegate to one of your bridesmaids a snack for you to eat whenever is necessary. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a hungry and grumpy bride. 

4. Hire a professional photographer. 

Having your uncle as your wedding photographer might sound tempting, especially if you need to stretch your budget. But keep in mind that weddings go by too fast, and there are many moments to capture.

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A professional will know what kind of light is needed, and he will have the correct lenses for each shot. Professional photographers have a unique style, and it will reflect on your wedding memories. Find the one that matches your vision and captures the essence of your love. 

5. Delegate 

Unless you are a professional wedding planner, chances are this will be your first time planning a big event from start to finish. Sit as a couple and evaluate your budget and the time you have available to invest in planning. If you are a busy couple with a budget, consider hiring a wedding planner to help you with everything. Family and friends can also come in handy. Assign certain activities to them like taking care of payments, touching base with every vendor the week of the wedding, etc. If you have it all under control, I will insist on hiring a day-of wedding coordinator. It will give you so much peace having someone who makes sure vendors arrive on time, focusing on being on time with the scheduled activities, and delivering any final vendor payment. 

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But the most important piece of advice any bride can provide is to have fun! A wedding takes months of planning, hours and hours. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy a day where everyone gathers to celebrate your love.