Choosing the right wedding photographer

April 12, 2020

 Choosing the right Wedding Photographer

Are you hosting your wedding in Gold Coast or Byron Bay and searching for a local wedding photographer? Here is the right guide for you.

I recommend that you read on to learn more about what to expect from an experienced wedding photographer on the gold Gold Coast and the benefits of looking around  at the style of work and approach.

We understand that your wedding day is one of the happiest days and its important that you get on well with your wedding photographer, not only must you love their work, but also love their personality.

Yes! There are a few other things that make a good wedding photographer and here are a few things you should be looking for.


 An emotional bride during her wedding on the Gold Coast

Professionalism, Politeness, and Promptness

These are the first set of qualities to expect from any professional wedding photographer. If you carefully hire a photographer based on their passion, past works, and reputation, then expect professionalism.

More so, a good photographer should be friendly and polite as well as arrive at the wedding venue on time to “location scout,” light hunt, or set up their equipment. So, don’t be surprised if you see your photographer being a little odd – he isn’t on drugs, he’s only checking light angles and reflections.

It’s needless to add that a professional wedding photographer must be dressed appropriately.

Choosing the Right Directions and Striking Pose

Another important skill a photographer should have is the ability to direct a subject. Not all couples are celebrities or models, but some gentle directions and here and there while being photographed make great photographs. 

Expect a wedding photographer to have you act out gestures like holding hands, walking together, etc. or fine-tune your pose with small adjustments, such as “lifting your chin” “turning to facet the light” and other tweaks which can elevate the images. Its important also to not allow your photographer to pose you the whole day with can happen a lot.

Happy couple on their wedding at Summer Grove




A Permit to “Uncle Bobs”

“Uncle Bob” is a term for those relatives and friends who bring their camera to photograph over the photographer’s shoulder. Have you ever seen a lovely group wedding photo with about half of the people looking away from the camera? This is what the intrusive “Uncle Bob” caused.

Though the happy relatives and friends shooting along with the photographer are “seemingly harmless,” nobody is sure who to take direction from or where to look at. This will not only affect the concentration of people but also affect the quality of the final images. So a good Byron Bay photographer should be able to either ask these “intruders” to wait for them to finish first or stop shooting and allow “Uncle Bobs” to have their ways. 

So, what are the benefits of a good wedding photographer? Here are the most important benefits of hiring a professional wedding photographer:


When you hire a wedding photographer, you’re not only paying for the photographer’s time and commitment, but also paying for their professionalism, high-quality camera equipment, attention to detail, and the perfect frame. Note that any good wedding photographer should be at the event ahead of time to ensure that shots are taken perfectly.

Photo Quality and Photo Security

Imagine committing the coverage of your wedding photographs to your “Uncle Bob” only to find him drinking and getting drunk. A good wedding photographer will not ensure photo quality  also photo security – long-lasting and frame-worthy prints that stay with you forever.

So, if you need wedding photographer in Gold Coast and Byron Bay area, think of Luke Oliver Studio. We offer all the benefits and everything expected of a good and professional photographer as described above.


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