January 8, 2021

Ditching the current trends and doing what you love.

How Weddings trends are currently changing

Taking the step of joining your life with the one you love is an important decision, but it is only the beginning of many other choices to make while planning your wedding. Weddings are celebrations of love, but they involve many more aspects, such as heritage and traditions. For many years, marriages were more of a family matter than a couple deciding how they wanted to start their life together. Recently I have seen a change in that matter. Couples now have a voice, and they are choosing what traditions to keep and which to ditch. And the result is beautiful. Seeing the personality of a couple reflected in a once in a lifetime event is pure magic. deuce vaughn jersey eastpak padded rucksack 8 ft kayak castelli gabba jordan air force 1 dallas cowboys slippers mens yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace jordan air force 1 air jordan 1 low flyease alpinestars caschi brock bowers jersey custom kings jersey deuce vaughn jersey decathlon bmx jordan proto max 720

There are many ways you can honor your family, and you can keep the traditions you genuinely love without compromising your entire wedding. And it is not only about relatives’ opinions, but many couples also feel pressured by friends and wedding planners to have a wedding as everyone does. You should feel comfortable during a day that has so much of your time and money invested. From the location, guests list, food, photography, and type of ceremony. Here are some ways you can make your wedding unique. 

  • Ceremony

The need to have a religious ceremony performed has changed over time, as couples have more power over how they want to live their lives. A ceremony can be more personal and meaningful when a friend or family member is the officiant. It could also be a mystical or spiritual ceremony. 

  • Color

Traditionally there are some dos and don’ts for weddings. For example, the bride wears white, and pretty much all the décor should go according, with white blooms and green foliage. But contrary to tradition, weddings are now more colorful. With bold colors both in decoration and attire. If you want to keep it traditional with your wedding gown, bridesmaids can add a pop of color. Grooms are also thinking out of the box, with little colorful details or an entirely colorful suit.  

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Gold Coast Wedding photography and videography
  • Photography

If you are over the typical posed wedding pictures, I highly recommend searching for a documentary-style photographer. They will naturally capture your wedding as if you were looking at your wedding without anyone knowing there is a camera. Capturing every moment as it goes, without reenacting, or posing, no fake smiles. Only the magic of a couple being themselves while celebrating with their loved ones captured with natural wedding photography

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Natural Byron Bay wedding photography
  • Food and drinks

When did we all agree to serve chicken and salad at weddings? I understand there are many perks to hiring a catering service that serves dinner, drinks, dessert, and even coffee. But there are so many options out there. Can you imagine your favorite pizza food truck right in your wedding or your favorite local brewery serving various craft beer? Yes! Feel free to have real food and drinks. Your guests will thank you later. 

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Weddings are big celebrations; they take time and organization. Ensure your wedding is exactly how you imagine it, leave out other expectations, and focus on what you as a couple love. And if you are looking for a professional wedding photographer in Byron Bay or Gold Coast to portrait the beginning of a new chapter in your life, do not hesitate and reach out. I will naturally capture each moment to tell your love story.