How long should our Wedding photography portrait session take?

September 21, 2020

The 30 Minute Portrait Session With A First Class Ticket Back To Cocktail Bar

You walk down the aisle holding hands tightly – hooray! You did it. Finally, you’re married.psp x7 hot pepper sexy logitech driving force steering wheel logitech driving force steering wheel hot pepper sexy taschen gaudi hudora skateboard skater rampe schwarz 5 teilig 11118 hudora skateboard skater rampe schwarz 5 teilig 11118 usb camera zoom software dyson v10 total clean or absolute 270 air max 2018 dyson v10 total clean or absolute 270 air max 2018 dyson v10 total clean or absolute messerschmitt uhren herren

Suddenly everyone is hugging and kissing you. It’s a high moment and I let it unfold naturally and don’t bother you until it really is time to get those group photos. We knock those off as fast as we can and then you farewell your guests because it is portrait session time. Bring along the bridal party, the more the decathlon bmx brock bowers jersey keyvone lee jersey alpinestars caschi oregon football jerseys ASU Jerseys brock purdy jersey dallas cowboys slippers mens keyvone lee jersey alpinestars caschi pepe jeans outlet durex intense vibrations ring 8 ft kayak ASU Jerseys Ohio State Team Jerseymerry.

Tweed coast wedding photographer
Happily Married, Gold Coast wedding Photographer

Don’t worry about leaving your guests. Trust me, they will be happy as long as the open bar is officially flowing. But you might be wondering, how long should we expect our wedding photography portrait session to take?

I have great news. We can get a beautiful collection of intimate, romantic, and authentic images in 30 minutes. For people who suggest an hour and a half for a portrait session, I would question why does it need to be so long, bottom is, it doesn’t.

I know other Gold Coast wedding photographers say they need one or two hours but for me it’s excessive. So how do I work so fast?

At the start of the day, I know exactly where we will take photos, from here we simply go on a nice walk, no awkward posing, just nice and natural. I also know you, two beautiful souls, very well by now. I know your style, love story, and what makes you laugh. I’ve seen it all day long and I get you guys – right down to your bejeweled Jimmy Choo heels and your shiny Tom Ford leather shoes.

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Byron Bay wedding Photographer

The portrait session is a very important part of the day. It’s the moments right after you became man and wife. It also might be our last hour to get images in natural light before the reception so usually its best just before sunset.

At the same time I know couples love to get back to their friends and family and enjoy the fun going down at cocktail hour. You need some water, food, and some drinks Mr and Mrs! You might need a quick outfit change and hair and make-up touchup so the tradition to go off with the bridal party for an hour and a half and then wait around before you re-enter the wedding when it’s dark and everyone is sat down seems a little bit absurd. If you’re reading this then hopefully you’re on the same page.

Brisbane Wedding Photographer

Of course, if you want to take photos for longer I am happy with that too. It’s your day and I’m totally flexible. Wherever you love birds want to hang out I’ll be there to capture the moment but usually, 30 mins is plenty of time in the hands of a skilled photographer, plus you get to spend more time with your guest who has travelled so far to see you both.