September 27, 2020

How Many Wedding Photos Do You Actually Need?

Wedding Photography should be about quality over quantity

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Let’s get onto the age-old debate about quality versus quantity and talk about many wedding photos you actually need.

Your wedding photographer delivers the much-awaited email. The photos are ready! You look back on your exquisite wedding photos and dreamily reflect on all the wonderful moments. You see many parts of the day for the first time. It’s joyful, exciting, and brings back the buzz of the wedding day. For a few weeks, this is how you view your wedding collection.

Next you select your favorite images to display as wall art and framed prints around your home, sweet, home. You might frame some to give as gifts to loved ones too. For most couples they will display about 5-15 bridal photos around their home and office. 

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These are the ones you love most, the most sentimental captures and ones you will enjoy the most because every time you see them it evokes the feeling of love and excitement that filled the day.

The other photos are saved and admired on your anniversary and from time to time when you are tripping down memory lane. 

I offer around 400 images in my wedding package. I am aware some photographers promise 1,000 images or even 1,500 images or more.

I believe a collection of 300 – 400 beautifully curated images is far better than getting 1,000 average wedding photos. In fact, shooting more than 400 gorgeous images is actually pretty impossible unless you’re shooting very generic images, so if your wedding photographer is offering 1000 plus images then expect them to look very similar.

I don’t want to be giving you a bunch of extra snapshots that aren’t up to the standards I want to deliver. You can always get those from your wedding guests who are constantly snapping away which is a big reason hashtags for weddings are so popular. You’re a wedding photographer for a reason and that reason should be based on the quality of their work not the amount of work they produce.

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I believe in quality over quantity and I can guarantee any of the top Gold Coast wedding photographers and videographers will offer the same.

My Byron Bay wedding photography and videography packages are designed to deliver absolute quality. At the end of the day, you are hiring me to produce a collection of photographs that are artistically stunning. Fine images that are iconic to your day and will make your heart sigh with total happiness, if you want 1000 average images, you might as well buy a cheap camera and give it to one of your friends.