April 25, 2020

How to Choose the best wedding videographer for your wedding

Choosing the Best Gold Coast  Wedding Videographer 


A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event where a couple invests in selecting the best wedding dress, wedding venue, wedding ceremony decorations, wedding cakes, bridal flower bouquets, wedding invitation, etc.

One way to preserve the memoir of your wedding celebration is to engage the service of the best wedding videography. Wedding videography provides the couple with the opportunity to have an amazing video documentary of their wedding celebration that they can watch later on in their lives.

Although either the wedding photography or wedding videography can be used to cover all the wedding stuff that you wish to recall in the future of your wedding, the wedding videography can capture the love and sound like no other medium.


As a Gold Coast wedding videographer, I can safely say the days of 2 hours long wedding videos are also gone now and the best wedding videographers offer short emotionally charged films. This is what you want. If you’re after long-form weddings with a 2-hour film of the entire day then make sure you ask your videographer exactly what they offer to make sure you’re not disappointed.

When choosing the best wedding videographer for your wedding, there are lots of decisions and considerations you have to make. I have seen lots of couples become unhappy with their wedding video and I wouldn’t want you to have a similar experience. Therefore, here are some useful tips to guide you into choosing the best wedding videography for your wedding:


Sydney wedding couple kissing


  • Choose a wedding videographer that gives you the freedom of customizing the video package.
  • Ask the videographer for his or her portfolio and samples of earlier works. Check out the quality of the pictures as well as the sound audio. This will help you to determine the level of professionalism. Is the audio all balanced or does it suddenly go from loud to really quiet during without a smooth transition?
  • Check out the personality of the videographer, if he or she can cover the wedding event without distracting or disturbing the guests. Trust me there are some awkward people in this industry.
  • Make sure the videographer uses duel recording cameras. Most professionals filming weddings should always duel record their footage, it’s simply too important to have corrupt footage through a card error.
  •  Choosing the best wedding videographer doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars.
  • While you note the tip above, don’t fall for a low-cost wedding videographer. Some people just buy a video camera and call themselves a videographer without any professional training. Such people go about charging extremely low prices and also delivering very poor results. Like-wise for people charging middle of the road prices. There’s a lot of rubbish out there so watch the films on their site.
  • Ask the videographer what you will get. Don’t just assume that you’ll get the best service. Ensure that you ask necessary questions as per what you should expect. This will save you from getting disappointed at the end of the day.
  • Choose a friendly wedding videographer. While this may sound trivial, it is also an important quality to look for in a wedding videographer. Remember, a friendly videographer will not only care about you and your wedding day but will also cover those pleasant moments you have with your spouse.



Most important of all is make sure the work is quality, is the music generic or does it have emotion, are there any cheesy effects and transitions that have been edited in. Is the camera work fitting to the style or is it a bit jittery here and there, are the shots well-composed and does it tells the story, is the editing clean or are there bits that are jarring when you watch.  These are the things to look for and tips that separate average wedding videographers from great wedding videographers or cinematographers.

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