August 25, 2020

Keeping It Natural With Your Wedding Photographer.

Why You Want Natural Looking Wedding Photography

Happy couple on their wedding at Summer Grove

documentary wedding photographer is often referred to as ‘reportage wedding photographer‘ or ‘wedding photojournalist‘ however essentially, they all refer to the same thing – an observational and unobtrusive approach to photographing a wedding.

Natural wedding photography is beautiful. It has a way of showing the personalities of the people in the pictures in ways that posed photography just simply cannot achieve.

If you choose to go for natural wedding photography, your wedding photographer should be able to capture authentic images, organically in the moment. You will not be aware that you are being captured all the time and beacuse of thise your be able to relax.

Having someone who shoots documentary wedding photography has many other advantages

Bride and groom share kiss at Summer Grove
  • First, What Is Documentary Wedding Photography?

If we put it simply, documentary wedding photography captures candid images of the subject. You and your guests will not be distracted away from what you are doing and you won’t be told to pose for the image, that’s basically all that there is to it. With documentary wedding wedding photography, you’ll see the beauty of a genuine wedding moment complete with genuine expressions and feelings.

  • Unique Photos

With candid or documentary wedding photography your photographer will continuously be taking images, this is because they are constantly waiting for a moment, an expression, or a look they conveys emotion. If you book a wedding photographer who stages a lot of images and walks around table to table taking a group of all your guests you won’t have any unique photos.

  • No Limitations

With natural wedding photography, you can spend more time with your loved ones at your wedding. Your photographer won’t interrupt a lovely moment or conversation just to ask you to pose. Your wedding pictures will be taken randomly without disturbing the atmosphere at your wedding. You can have as much fun as you want and you’ll be yourself in all your pictures. 

  • Everyone Will Love Your Wedding Pictures

Most people love natural looking wedding photography over staged images. There’s something heartfelt about seeing yourself in an unguarded moment having the time of your life and because of this, the images will stand the test of time, they won’t age, look dated, simply because they’re real and honest. The current trend of having a veil put over your head while you kiss might look ok now ( to some people ) but in a few years this will look dated and you probably won’t be as keen to show it off. Trends come and go, good photography is timeless.

Capturing your wedding in the most natural way is our passion here at Luke Oliver Studio. If you’re looking for a Gold Coast Wedding Photographer or a Bryon Bay Wedding Photographer reach out to us. We promise you’ll get honest and real wedding photos that showcase you for who you are. Why not go ahead and contact us today?