October 27, 2020

Out-of-town and back yard Weddings Are The New Destination Weddings

Keeping your wedding close to home

New wedding trends have evolved due to the Covid pandemic and engaged lovers are rolling with the times and getting married despite the obstacles.

Many couples who were dreaming of having a destination wedding have been forced to tie the knot closer to home. They’re finding they can create the feeling of a destination wedding by choosing venues out-of-town that are luxurious, unique, and places that many of their guests aren’t familiar with.

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer

By getting married on the outskirts of the Gold Coast or Byron Bay couples can find a venue with accommodation and host their guests for a long weekend of joyful celebrations and fun activities. The feeling of excitement and mystery that comes along with a destination wedding can be created without the need to jump on a plane.

As a Byron Bay wedding photographer, I am already traveling around for weddings and am always excited to go somewhere new. So I’m happy to see this new trend of out-of-town weddings becoming the new destination wedding. 

Gold Coast wedding photographer
Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

Rural weddings are a breath of fresh air in more ways than one and luxury resorts hidden away in mountains like Ecostudio Fellini are so charming and peaceful. Imagine a whole weekend here with the highlight of the mini holiday being your wedding. This little paradise is quite close to the city but there are many further afield that are equally quaint and experienced with hosting weddings. 

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Couples have so many options for wedding venues, especially with smaller weddings happening now which was the first trend to come out of Covid-19. 

Check my wedding photography and videography galleries for some ideas on nice venues and see how some couples are making their wedding celebrations whole weekend affairs so they can have quality time with their friends and family. 

It’s a nice trend and I have my camera and an overnight bag ready to go. Just let me know where we are going and I’ll be there!