April 27, 2020

Recently Engaged? What to do next to plan your wedding

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Top Tips to make your wedding planning a little bit easier



Engagement photo shoot Gold Coast



Here at Luke Oliver Studio, we love to help you plan and organise your special day by providing our expert knowledge in the industry.  As wedding photographers and wedding videographers on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Brisbane we have years of knowledge to help you make your planning just a little bit easier.

1. Decide on a wedding date

Luckily we are blessed with amazing weather here in Australia but you still want to decide the best time of year?  Summer is the most unpopular time to get married, and for obvious reasons, it’s HOT. You do don’t want to get dressed  only to start sweating buckets before you even arrive at the ceremony. Usually, most of the weddings on the East Coast of Australia happen between March to October.

2. Work out the wedding budget

It’s very easy to get carried away when planning your dream wedding and there’s a lot of vendors all at drastically different price points.  Before you commit yourself to anything, sit down with your partner, work out a budget and try and stick it. If you spend too much on one area then figure out how you can cut cost in another, seat covers perhaps ( does anyone need seat covers?)


Byron Bay beach wedding



3. Think about the wedding venue

Do you want a classic church wedding, are you religious? If not then you might want to look at a civil ceremony out side. The Gold Coast and Byron Bay has some amazing wedding venues so do your research.  Check the number of guest that the wedding venue can hold as this can often determine where you might have your wedding.

3.Book your wedding photographer/videographer

On average most wedding photographers get booked up a year to 2 in advance, some even have bookings 3 years in advance. It’s important that you avoid disappoint so make sure you get in earlier rather than later to ask about wedding photography prices from particular photographers that you like. Remember again, take you time, look around, there’s a lot of rubbish out there charging too much money for what they offer. Look at the images, do they look anyone with a camera could take them or do they have that professional look, the same applies to wedding videographers 

5. Start looking at wedding dresses

You don’t need to make a  decision on what you’re going to wear right now, but it might take you a long time to find that prefect fit, so it makes sense to start looking around now at particular styles. Look through magazines and online and build up a collection of images that you love. Once you have a particular style in mind find a supplier and go get fitted, hopefully it’s in Italy and you can go away on a girls holiday as an extra bonus.


Byron Bay wedding dress


6.Make a Guest list

This wont have to be an exact number but it will give you some idea of the size of your wedding and most importantly factor in the budget of your Wedding.


Most important of all, relax. You’re probably planning a wedding thats a year away so don’t rush everything all at once. Set yourself a guideline and try and stick to it. Spending 30 mins a week is a good guide to planning your wedding and will make sure you don’t pull your hair out trying to plan it all in the last 2 weeks.