September 13, 2020

The Benefits Of A Small Wedding

As many couples plan smaller weddings due to Covid-19 restrictions they are finding an unexpected blessing is hidden behind the cloud of stress and disappointment. 

Brave romantic souls who have grabbed their partner’s hand (or maybe a big glass of wine) have discovered there are many wonderful benefits to eloping or having a small wedding. 

Here’s what we hear from newlyweds who celebrated their love with a small (but joyful, luxurious and epic) wedding.

Intimate And Romantic

If you elope and get married just the two of you, it will be deeply romantic experience. When you only have each other to focus on the wedding day is truly all about the both of you, your love, your dreams and your best day ever. 

Brisbane Wedding photographer
Small yet beautiful

If you have a small wedding it also is extremely personal as just your nearest and dearest witness the vows and ring exchange during a very intimate ceremony. With 100 guests that feeling of close unity isn’t the same. Your wedding photographer should also be able to get some beautiful intimate wedding photography which is sometimes more difficult at a larger wedding.

Time To Spend With Guests

Your wedding day is a happy day and also a very busy day. If you have 100 guests and just spend 5 minutes of quality time with each of them it adds up to over 8 hours. But you don’t have 8 hours spare on your big day. Between getting ready, the ceremony, photos, speeches, cake cutting, dining, drinking and dancing – like we said…it’s a full day.

If you have a small wedding you really get time with your guests to talk, laugh and enjoy each others company. There is a value in that experience that can’t be overlooked. 

More Flexibility With The Budget

Just because you are having a small wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have all the beautiful details and luxurious experience that you always dreamed of. What you would have invested in food and drink can be put into more flowers, the designer dress you fell in love with, a nicer venue maybe or saved for the honeymoon or even one of the best wedding photographers and videographers on the Gold Coast

We are seeing couples going all out to have the most divine wedding celebrations because they can afford so much more with lower guest numbers. Champagne kisses! 

Also known as micro weddings, the small wedding is becoming more common. We don’t know how long it will be until we can throw massive weddings with hundreds of guests. 

Nothing can stop love. The weddings will go on, you will walk down the aisle and although it might be different to what you imagined it just might be more amazing!