November 7, 2020

Ways To Maximize Your Flower Budget

Fresh florals are always guaranteed to make a wedding dreamy and beautiful. But, flowers can be expensive and the amount you can spend on florals is endless. So how can you maximize your flower budget? Here are some handy tips to make your flower budget sweet and rosy.pulled pork tupperware ultra bester kaffeebecher für unterwegs hudora skateboard skater rampe schwarz 5 teilig 11118 nh nadine blusen messerschmitt uhren herren dyson v10 total clean or absolute messerschmitt uhren herren nh nadine blusen messerschmitt uhren herren pulled pork tupperware ultra hudora skateboard skater rampe schwarz 5 teilig 11118 michael kors savannah schwarz pulled pork tupperware ultra router 2 5 gbit lan hot pepper sexy

Recycle the ceremony flowers to use at the reception. Sometimes you can move the archway and put it behind the head table to make a pretty backdrop. If the altar isn’t movable, you can still take the flowers off it and put them on the table. Flower stands and other flowers used during the ceremony can often be reused for dinner table centerpieces and other areas such as the bar and welcome table. 

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Let you florist know in advance that you would like to reuse the flowers from the ceremony to save some money. You should still expect to pay the labor costs for moving, rearranging the flowers and renting items such as vases. 

Use a lot of greenery and candles and minimal florals. All are on trend for this wedding season, so it’s an excellent way to save on the flower budget but keep a pretty and romantic setting.

Use local and in-season flowers wherever possible. Your florist can tell you which flowers are best to use. If you are in love with peonies that can only be imported, you can compromise by only having them in your bridal bouquet. Perhaps the head table can have peonies, but other tables can use seasonal flowers. Imported flowers cost more, but often there is a local substitute that is similar and just as nice.

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If you have a big bridal party, just the bridesmaid’s bouquets’ cost can be costly. Consider letting them carry flower hoops or a single flower with pretty flowing chiffon or ribbon. 

Hopefully, these hints help you manage your flower budget. It’s nice to have some feature pieces that are elaborate such as the archway or some nice dinner table florals. These areas will be featured in many photos and videos, and guests will also spend a lot of time admiring them at the reception. 

If you can focus on those areas and reuse flowers from the ceremony, you will save some dollars and have more money to spend on fancy drinks. Roses and rose – what more could you want?