May 24, 2020

Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography | Should I book both from the same company?

Thinking of booking both photography and film? Take a read below

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Based on my many years of experience of being a Gold Coast and Byron Bay wedding photographer and videographer, I have found several benefits in booking a wedding photographer and videographer through the same company and choosing a joint package that suits the best of both worlds, but don’t dive straight in the booking, read on below.

When it comes to the wedding party, the couples never want to miss a moment. They want all those special memories to be captured and preserved for several years to come. However, one way to ensure that these special memories are covered is having both photographer and videographer booked through the same company.

So, if you’re planning your wedding party but contemplating whether you should book your photographer and videographer through the same company, my candid answer to you is YES! Book your photographer and videographer through the same company and here are the benefits you stand to enjoy when you do so:

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Shared Style, Theme, and Vision

When you book your photographer and wedding cinematographer from the same company, you will benefit from shared style, theme, and vision. This means that you will have a more consistent shooting and editing style. 

For instance, an individual photographer and videographer will only focus on their own way of covering the event and editing the shoots, leaving the couples with different-looking finished products.  

However, a photographer and videographer from the same company will create a consistent wedding story for you – imagine two styles in perfect harmony.

One Contract, Invoice, and Vendor

When you use a single company for your wedding photography and videography, you’re cutting your admin into half. That means you would be dealing with just one vendor and communicating with just one set of people.

Hence, your communication will be reduced and you will be spending less time on communication – remember your time is precious. More so, you will have only one contract to sign and only one invoice to track.

Consistent Styles and Quality

Another benefit of hiring the same company for your wedding photography and videography is consistent style and quality. Imagine when your wedding photographs are of better quality than your wedding video – I guess you wouldn’t want this.

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With the photographer and videographer from the same company, everyone will be on the same page, and good communication between the two will be far more beneficial for everyone to get the best shots. There have been instances filming a wedding when the photographer has blocked some important shots because there was no communication between the wedding photographer and videographer.

Great Discount

Booking your photographer and videographer from the same company means that you won’t have as many overheads as you would with individual agents. This will eventually save you money. 

When you hire us for your photography and videography, we will help you save your money. That means you will have more money to spend on an extra pair of shoes, decorations, flowers, etc.

Final Note

By now, you must have seen the benefits you would enjoy when you book your wedding photographer and videographer through the same company. Nevertheless, be careful, some companies have several people shooting for them so always ask who is shooting your wedding and ask to see specific work from them, standards vary a lot. You may end up seeing some work you like but come to your wedding its another contractor. You may also end up being charged more as the business will act as the middle man for the other supplier.

A tip to note is that you might find the same supplier shooting for someone else actually has their own business and doesn’t need to charge you that extra “middle man” costing. So, find out who it is shooting your wedding, ask if they are contracted, and check google to see if they have their own business, It might be cheaper to go direct.

Do you have any questions about booking Luke Oliver Studio for your wedding photography and videography? If you’re planning a wedding on the Gold Coast, Byron Bay or Brisbane and you’re looking for a wedding photographer and wedding videographer package then simply get in touch with us.