September 6, 2020

Why a Wedding Videographer Should Be A Must-have (Especially During COVID)

If you are even remotely pondering the idea of having a videographer for your wedding let me share what I know for sure.

Wedding videography should be a must-have on your list of wedding vendors to hire. There is something beautiful and authentic about what video captures that is different from images. Just seeing loved ones talking on video is priceless. I wish video footage of my grandparents existed, but sadly it doesn’t. 

What better time to capture everyone who is special to you on film? They are all gathered together, dressed up and super happy.

Now, with Covid preventing many guests from attending weddings video is wonderful way to let them see how the gorgeous wedding day unfolded. And for sure you will watch the precious moments over and over in the years to come. 

I’ve truly met up with newlyweds after the wedding and they told me they regretted not getting video. It breaks my heart a little. 

Even if you get a small package for videography to some of the day much better than not getting it at all and at least friends and family from around the world can see.

Some couples tell me they are shy to be on camera and videography sends them into a bit of a nervous spin. I get it. At first, you do feel a little uneasy, but after an hour you really won’t notice the videographers are there. I offer a video service that matches my photography. It is a natural, documentary style and you won’t be asked to pose all day long or do anything cheesy like running through the flower beds. Promise!

These days videographers shoot on photography cameras, so you really can’t tell who the photographers are and who the videographers are.

One more thing – is that when you book a wedding videography and wedding photography package you often get a small discount so its always good to ask. Not to ask is not to know.

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