November 30, 2020

Why Your Make-up Artist Is Our Best Friend

It might seem strange to get make-up advice from a Byron Bay wedding photographer. While I might not know the difference between an eye shadow brush and a blusher brush, I have gathered some valuable make-up advice for my beautiful brides over the years. So today I’m going to share what I know about your wedding day make-up.

Don’t Do It Yourself

It can be tempting to do your own hair and make-up. The reasons might be to save money or that you feel confident doing your own. But there are several reasons to hand over the beauty task to a professional for this most important day of your life.

Gold Coast wedding photographer

Byron Bay Wedding Photographer

First, you should indulge and have an experience of luxurious pampering on your wedding day. If there is ever a time to splash out and get an artist to create your make-up look, it is this day. You deserve to feel fabulous on the day you become a married woman.

Secondly, I’ve seen brides get nervous and stressed doing their make-up on the wedding day. It’s not because they are not usually skilled at the job, but because they run out of time. Or maybe they have time but are simply a bag of joyful jitters. A shaky hand is not the one you want putting the mascara on. 

Finally, it would be best if you didn’t enjoy a drink until you have completed your hair and make-up. There are three strong reasons you shouldn’t do your own bridal hair and make-up. 

Hire The Best

As a Gold Coast wedding photographer, I know there are many talented hair and make-up artists to choose from. As well as finding one with a beautiful ascetic, modern style and excellent portfolio, you also want to hire someone who uses quality products. 

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer and Videographer

We want your make-up to last all day because you are getting photos and video taken for many hours. For staying power, the quality of the make-up products can make a big difference. Airbrush for the foundation can also give you a flawless look that won’t come off as quickly as a regular foundation application. 

For me, as a wedding photographer, this is so important. When I’m editing and I start to see lines and streaks on the bride’s make-up, my heart has a little tantrum. Please do your research well to get a makeup artist who will give you a look that is as long-lasting as it is pretty.

That’s my make-up advice. A fresh perspective for you all, I hope!