May 10, 2020

Do I Need a Wedding Videographer?

 You have your wedding photographer booked, do you need a wedding videographer? How much should you pay?



Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event and an event you should always relive. Most couples understand the need for a wedding photographer but only a few find the need for wedding videography necessary.

The question most couples ask is whether they need a wedding videographer when they already have a wedding photographer to take your wedding photos.

The simple answer to this question is, and will always be, “Yes, you need a wedding videographer.”

While your wedding photographer may capture as many fleeting moments in your wedding as possible, only a wedding videographer will capture these moments in sound and motion.

More so, a wedding videographer never misses any pleasant moment as he/she will move around during your wedding to cover moments that would be missed by a wedding photographer when perhaps you’re perhaps having group family photos.

While some still argue that hiring a wedding videographer is not worth the added expense, making wedding photography suffice, we’ve collated a few reasons why you need a wedding videographer, based on our many years of experience and hearing from several couples:

You can’t photograph your marital vows, toasts, music, etc.

There are some emotional and pleasant parts on your wedding day, such as the marital vows, toasts, music, that you would never regret to have captured forever.

There is nothing as emotional and intriguing as seeing and hearing your spouse read out their marital vows to you again and again. Only a wedding videographer can capture this exact moment in time, in a way a photographer would never be able to capture.

The same thing is applicable to the music and toasts at the reception. While wedding photography would capture great still photos of your reactions and moves, you will not be able to see those dancing steps or hear the music and the carefully crafted jokes unless you have used a wedding videographer.

You’ll get to see moments you might have missed.

No matter how much you try not to be, you’re going to be busy on your wedding day and so many events will skip your mind and sight. Undoubtedly, there would be things you and your spouse will miss on your wedding day.

However, hiring a wedding videographer will help you not to miss a thing! With a videographer, you can focus all your attention on your spouse, with the belief that you’ll get to see the moments you have missed when you watch your wedding film.

You can relive the memories forever.

As stated above, your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, but watching your wedding video will spark up the memories and fun over and over again – in fact, wedding videography allows your wedding day to live on forever.

Brisbane wedding videography

Wedding videography will also make your wedding anniversaries more special as you watch your wedding film and reminisce on the love you felt and shared that day. Your wedding video is one film you’ll never get tired of watching and re-watching.

You can easily share your wedding video with those who couldn’t come.

There are chances that some friends and family members will not be able to make it to your wedding event due to one reason or the other.

However, wedding videography allows your friends and family members who couldn’t grace your wedding to feel and experience your wedding like they were there. Such emotional feelings can’t be felt from just your photos.

So, you can easily post your wedding video on social media, YouTube, etc. for anyone who missed your wedding event to feel the experience of your wedding story or so that anyone who wishes to have been at your wedding can get a peek into your day.

With the point explained above, you can now realize that wedding videography is one investment you would never regret making as is worth the price.

How much should I pay?

A good wedding cinematographer/videographer will cost you around $2500-$5000. Many companies recently offer both wedding photography and videography packages which is great as you have to only deal with one person but always look at the quality of work,  many that have added on wedding video as an extra to secure more bookings and the films are below average.  You can often spot these wedding films as they have a generic feel to them, bland music, and little love, you might often see YouTube transitions and effects used which give it a cheaper feel.  Take your time looking around at various options and try and match your budget with quality. Some companies charge $2800 and are below average, others charge $2800 and provide amazing films.

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