The Amare Experience


Amare Weddings will work with you not only to deliver beautiful wedding imagery but also share a wealth of wedding industry knowledge to help your preparation run as smoothly as possible. The result is a personal and professional experience from start to finish.

The Wedding day

On the Wedding day itself Amare weddings will be discreet. Not only does this produce a more authentic and timeless photographic result but ensures your day unfolds beautifully, discreetly, and naturally, with honesty and love. During portrait time, we may provide you with some initial direction to get you started but the main job is to capture those in-between moments, the quick looks and subtle gestures, the moments you can hang on the wall.

Photography Post Production and film Editing

All of your final imagery will be professionally edited in Amare Wedding Studio. While many companies outsource their post production we like to maintain the highest quality and consistency throughout your entire wedding.

wedding albums

Amare Weddings uses Lone Pine Wedding albums to deliver your images if you request an album. These are high quality, hand made and look great on a coffee table. They can be passed down through generations

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