September 10, 2020

How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

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Choosing a wedding venue is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding. Although choosing the dress, flowers, decorations, and food is also important, it is the venue that sets the tone for the day and is the backdrop for all the beautifulness that will surround you on the day it will also set the tone and mood for all your wedding photography

So you need to use your head and your heart for this huge wedding planning decision. 

Leading with the practical considerations just remember you need a venue with a rain backup. If there isn’t a rain backup then you are doing something risky like walking on the beach in high heels or not ordering enough beer for the reception….along those lines but worse. So eliminate that worry even if you are getting married on this day the weather man predicts sunshine. Also is the back up space acceptable to you? 

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Next is the numbers. If you choose a venue too small for your numbers you will have big problems later on. Count on the actual numbers you are inviting, not on the numbers you expect will attend. Those two numbers are different right? We bet everyone will join the wedding celebrations of their fav love birds – you two!

Okay, next you get to follow your heart.

Go online and make a list of suitable venues. Then visit the venues if possible to get a real feel of the place you might be getting married at. Even after seeing billions of photos and video online, nothing beats feeling the vibe of a venue in real life. 

The ceremony area is important. It should be beautiful and ideally private. Then the reception area is equally important if not more important than the ceremony area. You spend about 30 – 60 minutes at the ceremony area, but 5-6 hours at the reception. So both spaces need to be everything you need and dream of, luckily a lot of the best wedding venues on the Gold Coast have the ceremony and reception location all in one place.

Not to mention the surrounding area is hopefully stunning for all the fun bridal party photos and romantic wedding photography.

Now you are on the way to choosing your venue. Once you do that, set the date and send out the invites everything else will fall nicely into place.