June 16, 2020

How to keep your guest entertained.

From Magicians to music here’s our top tips to keep your wedding guest happy

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Top Tips for Keeping Your Guests Entertained

Making your wedding outstanding or the talk of the town goes beyond wearing an expensive suit and wedding gown or using a fabulous extravagant wedding venue.

Keeping your guests entertained should be one of your major considerations too, except if you would like to see everybody yawning on your wedding day. 

The last thing you would want for your guests is for them to keep checking their watches at your wedding. And one way to avoid this is to make your wedding a pleasure – remember that every guest’s expectations for entertainment at any wedding are always high.

Start the Entertainment from Your Wedding Venue

Though your budget is one of the major factors that determine your wedding venue, choosing an interesting venue or reception site goes a long way in keeping your guests entertained, rule number 1 don’t choose anywhere boring

It’s Your Wedding Venue Not Isolation Center 

There is nothing more uncomfortable than when your wedding venue looks like an isolation center. Imagine yourself sitting at the table where you don’t know anyone else but every other person seems to attend college together – you’re isolated. More painful is when you can see your friends about six tables away laughing it up. You can avoid this at your wedding by working on the seating chart.

A well-planned seating chart is a free way to ensure that your guests are entertained by spending time with their own colleagues or people they know and like.

Bring In the Entertainment

To keep your guests entertained, you can bring in magicians, conjurers, performers, tricked-out DJs, singing waiters, belly dancers, or any other specialty entertainment. These people are professionals at keeping your wedding guests entertained and bringing them into your wedding provides a talking ground for your guests who don’t know one another. 

This Wedding below had everything going on for the guest. Obviously budget is always something to consider but I’m not sure this wedding had one.

London destination wedding cinematography

Opt-in for a Short Ceremony

I would advise that you keep your wedding ceremony and reception as short and simple as possible, otherwise, your guests bored and yawning. Normally, a long and hot wedding ceremony would sap your guest’s energy levels.

You can achieve a short wedding ceremony by sticking to the schedule and putting a time limit on toasts (short toasts from the best man, maid of honor, and your parents are enough) – sometimes, a long toast may go from being sentimental to excruciating.

Prince Charles asleep at the Royal Wedding

Add Some Surprises

Everybody loves fun and surprises so keeping your guests entertained with excitement is a good idea for any wedding. From lawn games to music there’re plenty of options and amazing suppliers to make sure your wedding day is one to remember.

Listed above are my top tips for eliminating boredom and keeping your guests entertained at your wedding. Don’t forget that you also need the service of a professional Gold Coast wedding photographer and videographer to make your wedding memorable so make sure you check out our work here.