June 24, 2020

Should I Book An Engagement Shoot? Find Out Why You Should

A perfect way to get comfortable with your wedding photographer.

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An Engagement shoot (also called pre-wedding shoot) has become quite the new trend among most couples planning their marriage, however couples are often unsure if it’s worth the time and extra expense.

Some questions that are asked include “are engagement shoots really necessary? What special purpose do engagement shoots serve (especially when there is a very short time between the engagement and the wedding)?

As a professional wedding photographer, I can tell you that there are lots of benefits associated with having your engagement shoot, but if you still doubt the need for an engagement shoot, here are some reasons that might change your mind.

Engagement Shoot Helps Couples to Feel More Comfortable In Front Of The Camera 

Most people don’t like having their photos taken – possibly because they are shy or uncomfortable, or don’t fancy it. However, having an engagement shoot enables them to learn how they can be themselves, stay comfortable, and relax in front of the camera. With this, there won’t be any unnecessary jittering on their wedding day by the thought of being photographed.

Engagement Shoot Helps Couples to Learn Their Angles and How to Pose

Engagement shoot helps couples to get some professional coaching from their photographer before the wedding.

Most time, achieving the best pose for photographs can feel extremely awkward – even the most natural-looking wedding photographs are staged by photographers. So, having an engagement shoot enables you to learn how to pose and experiment with different angles and ideas before your wedding day to get an idea of how your wedding photographs would look.

Engagement photo shoot Gold Coast

Engagement Shoot Helps Couples to Get to Know Their Photographer

Aside from helping couples to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and learning better angles, the engagement shoot is a great way for couples to get familiar with their wedding photographer. 

Engagement shoot creates an avenue for couples to chat, interact, and socialize with their wedding photographer. This reason has a flip side too, it enables the photographer to get to know the couple too. As a result, the photographer would be able to understand the couple’s comfort level in front of the camera and would be able to get the best interaction and moments on the wedding day.

Engagement Shoots Can Be Used For a More Interesting Purpose

Another very important reason why you should book an engagement shoot is that your engagement or pre-wedding shoots are versatile and can be used in wedding website setup, “save the date” cards, souvenirs, or guest sign-in books. You can even place your pre-wedding photos around the wedding reception venue as part of the venue decoration. If you’re looking at booking an engagement shoot before your wedding then please get in touch