August 10, 2020

The Beauty of Elopements

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Nowadays, not all couples dream of having a big wedding ceremony anymore. For one reason or the other, some couples prefer the freedom and privacy of elopement.

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In case you haven’t heard of elopements or don’t know what it means, Elopement is a colloquial term that refers to a marriage performed in a secretive and sudden manner. It usually involves a hurried flight by couples away from their place of residence with the intention of getting married.

Elopements are when couples get married by themselves – no presence of friends, family members, or wedding guests.  Recently, there have been lots of buzzes around elopements. So, this post presents the beauty of elopements to intending couples.

Note that the opinions in this post are from real couples who chose elopement. More so, small, tiny, intimate weddings are sisters to an elopement, so this post refers to all of them also as elopements.

The Beauty of True Elopements

1. It’s Uniquely Yours

An elopement doesn’t allow an avenue where someone else steals the show, it’s uniquely yours – just the bride and the bridegroom. You have limitless options to create your own unique elopement that differentiates your marriage from others.

Whatever your reason for elopement is, elopement creates a way to celebrate your union in an intimate way that is also 100 percent yours.

2. It’s A “Just Us” Experience

Another beauty of elopement is that it allows the couple to experience a totally intimate wedding ceremony – a celebration focused on just the couple.

With elopements, couples relieve themselves from doing things expected of them. They are able to free up themselves and spend their time on doing what feels right to them.

Those moments when it’s just you and your loved one are the magical moments you’ll always remember and you can get some amazing, intimate wedding photography.

3. Elopements Block Off Outside Expectations

With the traditional wedding party, there are some necessary “outside expectations” the couples need to answer.

But with elopements, you can easily shove aside overbearing in-laws, inquisitive family members, and intrusive quests from your dream wedding. After all, your wedding is all about your own happiness and celebration and not necessarily about seeing the faces of those you just met.

4. Elopement Is Budget Friendly

Another major beauty of elopement according to most couples is its budget-friendliness.

You can no invest in that Dream wedding dress and bridal bouquet, as well as the decision to travel and invest in the best wedding photographer or videographer, would add to the cost.

O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat

If you’re likely planning a honeymoon, then you would also invest in travel or/and accommodation. Some couples may go as far as even hiring a planner for their elopement. 

However, the truth is while most of all these items listed above are necessary for a big wedding, they are optional for an elopement.

5. Your Photos Will Be Unique

The last beauty of elopements is that it makes your wedding photos unique. With elopements, couples have the freedom to choose photo backdrops that are truly epic. And if you hire a top Gold Coast or Byron Bay wedding photographer, chances are, your photos are going to stand out against the masses.