October 17, 2020

Why You Should Ask Your Videographer and Photographer For Help With The Timeline

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Somewhere in the middle of the wedding planning process, you will probably start to make a timeline for the day. If you are lucky enough to have a wedding planner on board you might get handed this wonderful piece of paper to check. But if you are being a hands-on bride and doing all the planning solo you will need to create your own timeline.

The timeline, schedule or run sheet is an outline of what will happen on the day with times and notes such as who is responsible for each task. It should be given to the bridal party, close family members, vendors and venue. Some might comment, offer advice and sometimes that advice might be conflicting. 

So I like to reach out and offer some of my own words of bridal wisdom from what I have observed as a Gold Coast wedding photographer and videographer.

Always aim to be ready one hour before you wish to leave the room. That includes having your veil, shoes, and jewelry on and a nice glass of champagne in your hand. If you are ready a whole hour early I will be super impressed. It never happens and that is why brides are usually a little late, and with lateness comes stress. It isn’t because anyone is unorganized or not doing their job properly, it’s just the nature of the wedding day with so many distractions and details to deal with while you are getting ready – FaceTime with Aunty Sue, bathroom breaks, vendors saying hello and asking questions here and there, opening gifts and it goes on. 

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If you are ready early you will be relaxed and stress-free. That extra time will be used talking to your bridal party girls, getting excited, having a few drinks and getting more photos and footage – all wonderful ways to spend an hour before the ceremony.

Are your family and friends always late? Tell them the ceremony starts 30 minutes earlier than it does and have some non-alcoholic beverages ready for them to enjoy.

Photos and video after the ceremony for family photos and a portrait session can be 30-45 minutes and then we will whisk you back to your guests for cocktail hour. 

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I’m a fan of having speeches at the beginning of dinner. The tables look nice and the people speaking can get their speech done and start to enjoy the party. Guests often get nervous about giving speeches so scheduling that in early is a blessing for them. 

If you have hired me for your wedding photography and videography on the Gold Coast or Byron Bay then I would be happy to look over the timeline for you. You will get ahead and behind at times so it’s just there for everyone to follow and make the day run more smoothly.