April 20, 2020

How many photographers and Videographers should be at a wedding?

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How Many Wedding Photographers and Wedding Videographers do I need for my wedding?


Too many wedding photographers

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Generally speaking most weddings are around 80-150 people maximum. More often then not, they average on the lower side of that number, so if you’re getting married how many wedding photographers and wedding videographers do you actually need to cover your wedding?


Ive been in the wedding industry long enough to understand what works and what doesn’t, and for general purposes of an average wedding then 1 Photographer and 1 Videographer is enough to cover all you need for a wedding, for anything larger then you might need 2, lets find out more.


We’re getting ready at different locations and really want both groom prep and bridal covered? 

Sure, if you’re both getting ready at different locations then you might need 2 wedding photographers, one to cover groom preparations and one to cover bridal preperations, its as simple as that, however more often then not and for around 85 percent of the weddings I have shot you can often cover both of these with one person, it also depends on the location and distance between where you’re both getting ready.   The other option ( which many couples go for ) is to simply leave out the groom preparations, most boys don’t mind and there’s not really that much going on.  As always the decision is totally up to up to you.


Will the Ceremony be crowded with 2 Photographers and 2 Videographers?

Short answer yes, however if you’re getting married in a large church then no.

I have worked with other companies who generally shoot with 2 photographers and 2 videographers and more often then not I hear guest comment on how many people there’re.  Yes, its distracting during the ceremony having 4 people floating around and often the guests will be watching what they’re doing instead of what you’re doing ( getting married ). One Videographer can easily handle 2 cameras so if you have 2 videographers then expect 4, sometimes 5 cameras. For me and my experience of wedding videography, this is way way too much, I mean how many angels of yourself do you want to see?   Remember, do you want quantity or quality? For smaller intimate Byron Bay weddings, usually one is more than enough, for larger weddings in Brisbane City that can be tricky to move around, then you might want two.


Gold Coast wedding photographer price list


More Camera More Tripods 

As you would have imagined the more people you have photographing or filming your wedding the more equipment you have. While most professionals keep their equipment tidy and tucked away its hard to hide big ugly tripods that videographers use. Not only can they dominate the wedding ceremony being placed all around but on more than one occasion I have seen guest trip over unmanned tripods. For me as a Gold Coast wedding videographer, I only use a tripod during the speeches and at the back of the ceremony. There is simply no need for any more unless you have an excessively large wedding or you really want more angels covered.


So Whats the best option?

Generally speaking one photographer and one wedding videographer is plenty to capture all that you will want from a wedding.  I have shot over 300 hundred weddings and this is the perfect number.  For me personally, working alone ( either as photographer or videographer ) is a much nicer experience as you don’t have to worry about people being in the backgrounds, managing someone else, or the bride and groom feeling overwhelmed with all the paparazzi.  One photographer and one wedding videographer is the perfect amount for most events.

The Decision is Yours 

Your wedding is your day, and it’s up for you to decide how you want it captured.  I love low key, minimal fuss, intimate couples who don’t like to be the center of attention. For these weddings, you don’t need more than 2 people to capture it. If your wedding is slightly larger than normal with over 150 guests than you might want to think about looking at the second shooter to capture those extra angels and all the guests. As always discuss this with your wedding photographer, if he’s experienced then they will be happy to advise you on what to do.