April 20, 2020

The 5 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2020

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The 5 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2020

Save your self-time and money by using the best wedding websites out there.

What is a Wedding Website?

A wedding website is a website dedicated to your wedding, to help you organise and plan everything.  It will allow your guest to RSVP and they can access all the information about directions and locations online. All the sites below differ in style and price (some are free) so take a look to see which one works best for you. It’s not essential to have one but it can save you lot of time in the long run.  Here’s a few of the basic features that most wedding websites feature in 2020.

  • Gift registries 

  • Directions 

  • Accommodation 

  • Dress Code

  • Child Care 

  • Guest Book

  • Your Couple Story 

  • Introduce Your Bridal Party 

  • Photo uploads

So with all that mind mind lets take a look at some of the best ones out there for planning your wedding in 2020.







Joy is one of the best wedding websites in 2020 for engaged couples. It’s super easy to use, its free and it also allows you to create your own wedding app too. You can use Joy to manage all aspects of your wedding including RSVPs, manage spread sheets and guest can even upload their own photos.

If you need to have have stationery printed up to match the style of your website, then you can easily sort this through Joy who also offer free international shipping. This website is extremely easy to use and navigate and you should certainly check it out if you’re getting married in 2020.





best wedding websites 2020


Who doesn’t love free stuff? We love the fact that the The Knot has selection of free, beautifully made templates for your wedding planning. As with most of the wedding planning websites it includes the standard features of RSVP’s managing guest and providing all the relevant information they might need, you can even use the website site search around hotels offering cheap room blocks in the area where you’re getting married, so can save your guest money. You can directly message any guest from the website or app which is also a great and the site has plenty of sharing features to keep everyone on track.

This site is well worth a look as its simple to use, free and it looks great.




top 5 wedding websites 2020


 Minted is a top player when it comes to wedding websites in 2020 and it offers over 1000 different wedding website templates which can all be custom build to suit the look you want, however because each template looks so good straight away your wont really need to do much changing. This is then ideal for couples who want minimal fuss and don’t want to spend their hours tweaking website design, I mean whats the point when it already looks good.

 Minted offers matching designs for invitations thank-you-cards, and more and is another great site for planning your wedding.




COST: $16 per month 

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Everyone has heard of  squarespace these days and its no surprise that the custom website builder power house has its own Wedding website templates. The first thing to note about these sites is that they’re super clean, designed with photography in mind and offer a minimal no fuss approach.  You have lots of  options to change the designs, fonts, move images around and all the backgrounds, its as simple as drag and drop. Instagram is also linked up to the site and allowed you to pull wedding images from your wedding hashtag which is a great feature.

Please note though that unlike most the other sites you can only use the free version for two weeks until you have to upgrade and pay. You also must pay an additional $20 if you want a custom domain such as www.mark&racelwedding.com. Costing aside you might fall in love with their photography focused themes that will wow you guest.



COST: FREE ( or a monthly subscription for a custom domain )

top 5 wedding websites 2020 Zola


Zola is another big player in the wedding website world and It’s easy to set up with helpful points along the way (which we love). You can make certain post private and only allow a select few people to see which is great if you have any surprises hidden up your sleeve for the wedding (fireworks).

As with all these sites Zola offers great template options, easy free online RSVP, easy guest management and a reliable app to use and manage all your data on your phone, so you can plan on the go . The best thing about their registry is that when someone buys something you have the option to choose where you want the gift to go, which is great if you’re a couple on the move, or off travelling for a while, a great little feature.


So which one should I go for ? 

Theres no perfect wedding website, all of them have their own bonus features and drawbacks here and there. The best idea is to visit their sites and see which one clicks with you. If you like the style and navigation of their own site then it should be be similar when you come to build you own. Make sure you take a look at all the costing options so you don’t get caught out by a surprise subscritpions and most of all make sure you  have fun while you’re doing this.

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