Tips For Creating A Meaningful Ceremony

November 19, 2020

Your wedding ceremony is the main event of your wedding day celebrations. It is the most meaningful, emotional and happy part of the wedding and a highlight for the couple and their guests. 

As a Gold Coast wedding photographer I have seen hundreds of wedding ceremonies, and some stay in my mind even years later. hagebau gartenzäune messerschmitt uhren herren hot pepper sexy usb camera zoom software usb camera zoom software hagebau gartenzäune router 2 5 gbit lan dyson v10 total clean or absolute joystick do nintendo switch planet parfum esch planet parfum esch tricia rose tricia rose taschen gaudi bester kaffeebecher für unterwegs

Here are some of the ingredients that can help make a wedding ceremony extra special and joyous. castelli gabba black friday wig sale blundstone uomo jock strap college football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey johnny manziel jersey inflatable kayak durex intense vibrations ring yeezy shoes under 1000 uberlube luxury lubricant black stetson hat penn state jersey Ohio State Team Jersey LSU Football Jersey

Gold Coast Wedding Photographer


Your ceremony is an opportunity to highlight your relationship and show what is unique about your love story. There are so many ways to be original and unique from the personalized signage to the thoughtful decorations on the chairs to the words and music that is expressed. 

You can honor tradition and still be original. Don’t be afraid to put your own unique twist into your ceremony content. This is your time to showcase your love your way. 

Honor People

Every wedding group has talent or skills that can lend themselves beautifully to the wedding ceremony. A wedding singer is lovely, but when it’s a family member singing, the emotion levels are raised. A reading of a poem can also be touching and adds an elegant touch to the formalities. 

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Kids come to mind when you mention cuteness and ceremonies in the same sentence. Indeed a flower girl can wear any emotion while shimmying down the aisle and it will be cute. She can run, jump, cry, sing or throw a complete tantrum and get away with it because it’s just so utterly cute. 

Children carrying signage is another adorable sight. It can be a nice surprise for the groom to see a page boy moving  towards him with a funny sign and also the guaranteed laughter will ease the nerves. 


Finally, keeping it real is an essential feature of a ceremony that is authentic and true. Don’t worry too much about what is expected of you during the ceremony. If you want to throw tradition out the window and do something new that feels right to you as a couple, go for it. Your day, your way!

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I hope these ceremony pointers help you out with your planning. It takes some time to map out the ceremony then it’s over before you know it. That is why I love documenting weddings and sharing the gorgeous wedding photography and videography with my couples when they get back from the honeymoon. 

You can expect a sneak peek soon after the wedding too – I know you can’t wait, so I promise to send a little preview.