Modern trends for weddings

December 28, 2020

Weddings are always changing, depending on the latest trends and how couples decide to celebrate their union. Some of those changes are genuinely interesting and fresh. Here are some of the trends to incorporate in your upcoming wedding. michael kors savannah schwarz taschen gaudi balenciaga eau de toilette hot pepper sexy logitech driving force steering wheel messerschmitt uhren herren usb camera zoom software balenciaga eau de toilette logitech driving force steering wheel messerschmitt uhren herren logitech driving force steering wheel hudora skateboard skater rampe schwarz 5 teilig 11118 balenciaga eau de toilette planet parfum esch nh nadine blusen

Relaxed weddings adidas yeezy boost 350 turtle dove yeezy boost 350 v2 hyperspace two people fishing kayak blow up two person kayak durex intense vibrations ring NCAA Jerseys durex intense vibrations ring casquette femme von dutch latex hood custom stitched nfl jersey jock strap asu football jersey custom maple leafs jersey brock bowers jersey keyvone lee jersey

We are used to seeing weddings as these super formal events, where you must dress your best and act appropriately. But for many couples, their wedding day is a day to have fun and celebrate, without the need of posing or acting like someone else. A wedding was everyone is dressed uncomfortably will not be a fun party. That is why couples opt for a more informal dress code, easy-going dinners that include the most popular food trucks in town, and beer bars.  

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Extended celebrations 

Having a couple of hours to celebrate your wedding is not enough. That is why an after-party is ideal for keeping enjoying as newlyweds. You can organize a day after lunch for everyone to share the best moments of the night before. As weddings had become more intimate, we predict weeklong marriages, where the closest family and friends go on a week vacation with the couple. 

Natural photography 

Wedding portraits have the certain fame of being too stiff, but now couples want their true self to be portrayed in their images, from silly pictures to funny first looks. Photographers and videographers are now capturing documentary-style photos and video. This is a way to reflect how everyone felt in the moment, instead of forcing poses and smiles. 

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Unplugged weddings 

Yes, in the era of technology and smartphones, couples want their guests to be present and experience their union not through the screen of their phones but with their own eyes. That is why they ask guests to leave their phones at the entrance or silence them. They instead have a professional wedding photographer to capture every moment. 

Comfort food 

Are you craving some donuts or hot dogs? They were not our first picture when it comes to weddings, but there is a new trend of bringing these all-time comfort foods to guests. From walls full of donuts to midnight treats like pizza and hamburgers.  Or how about an ice cream truck right in the middle of your summer wedding reception? 

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Couples are no longer caring about wedding favors. Now they want their guests to have a meaningful part in their union, from asking them to write their wishes for the couple and read them before the vows to a group sing-along. 

As a wedding photographer, I see how weddings are becoming more meaningful and natural events. There are fewer formalities but more room for fun. If you have not yet found the right wedding photographer for your Gold Coast and Byron Bay wedding, I am more than happy to be part of your big day.